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Fees: 120000 | 85,000
✔ Duration : 1 Year
✔ Placement Assistance
✔ 2 Months Paid Internship
✔ Live Experience in Pepper Animation Studio

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  1. Adobe Photoshop Extended CC
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Corel Draw
  4. Adobe InDesign
  5. Adobe After Effects Professional CC
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  7. Adobe Audition CC
  8. VFX

Job Profiles

2D Animator | Video Editor | Illustrator | Storyboard Artist | Compositor | VFX Artist | Rigging Artist | Tracking Artist | Layout Artist | FX Artist

Animation (2D & 3D) and VFX Course Modules

Course Details 1
  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Concepts of Cinematography &
  • Photography
  • Concepts of 2D Digital Animation
  • Art of Storytelling & Script Writing
  • Anatomy Study
  • Character Design
  • Digital Painting
  • Story boarding and Animatics
  • Application of 2D Animation Principles
  • Character Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Design Portfolio
Course Details 2
  • Audio-video Editing
  • Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Digital Compositing
  • Pre-visualization
  • Rotoscopy using Silhouette
  • Wire Removal
  • Colour Correction
  • Green / Blue Screen/ Chroma
  • Matte Painting
  • Motion Graphics

2D, 3D Animation & VFX Course Features

Job Assistance

We assure our students of Job assistance with the best of the companies in the industry and also prepare our students for the interview.

2 Months Paid Internship

We provides 2 months paid internships and if the students perform well they are offered a permanent job.

Live Projects

At Pepper Animation Institute, students will learn to work across different project areas like typography, new technology & digital experiences.

Premium Workshops

Workshops are organized on regular basis related to the courses. You can attend the Workshop in Free of Cost and Learn More.

Portfolio Development

For designers, portfolio is a must! Pepper Animation faculty pays special attention in development of professional industry oriented portfolio.

In House Studio

Every Students of Pepper Animation Institute will work in Pepper Animation Studios, we have In house Studio in Institute.

Animation & VFX Course Career Opportunities

2D & 3D Animator

3D Modelling Artist

VFX Editor

Character Animator

3D Generalist

VFX Producer

Video Game Designer

Film Video Editor

Flash Animator

Who Can Apply for this Course?

Candidates with the following prerequisites can apply for this 2D / 3D Animation & VFX Course:

Aspirants who have cleared their 10+2 from any stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) can pursue a 2D & 3D Animation course.

Best 2D, 3d Animation & VFX Course in Rohini

Have you heard about 2D and 3D animation courses? Animation courses have a huge scope in the current world. Nowadays, a lot of people are moving forward with animation and VFX courses to establish a centre in animation. You can consider doing a 2D and 3D animation course to get a kickstart for your career.

Animation courses have gained popularity in recent years, and today, we will discuss some common career prospects after doing a 2D and 3D animation course in Rohini.

Job opportunities after 2D and 3D animation course

You may wonder what you can do after a 2D and 3D animation course in Rohini. Read here some common career prospects you can access after a 2D and 3D course completion-

2D Animator

You can become a 2D or second dimension animator after your 2D and 3D course completion. During your course, you learn essential skills and techniques for creating 2D animation. You learn about 2D animation both theatrically and practically. All these are required to establish yourself as a two-dimensional animator. You can draw 2D images and scenes with hand drawing techniques or digital drawing techniques. The earning of a 2D animator ranges from 9L to 6.2L INR per year which is significantly high.

3D Animator

Once you have completed your 2D and 3D animation course, you can also establish yourself as a professional 3D animator. 3D animation has gained massive popularity globally, which resulted in a great career scope after the course completion. You can create 3D animations for movies, videos, video games and other digital media that use 3D animation models and software solutions. A 3D animator earns 2 to 10 lacs per annum on average.

Storyboard Artist

The work of a storyboard artist involves guiding the animation process and helping to translate thoughts and screenplay into visual sequences. And when you enrol for an animation course to learn 2D and 3D animation in Rohini, you also learn all these essential skills. So, you can easily get a job as a storyboard artist after your course completion.

Character Designer

When you do an animation course from a reputed 2D and 3D animation training institute in Rohini, you can access a wider range of career prospects. One among them is the chance to become a character designer. You can create visually appealing and distinct characters with unique personalities, styles and attributes. You can build characters according to your creative imagination using 2D and 3D animation techniques. The average salary of a character designer is around 4-13L per annum.

Game Animator

Video games are quite popular nowadays. Studies show that the popularity of video games among the masses will only grow with time. Training in 2D and 3D animation offers the opportunity to become a game animator. The demand for game animators will increase more in the coming years, along with the development of the video gaming industry. After pursuing a course 2D and 3D animation course, you will be able to video game animation cut scenes, interactions, character movement etc. The average pay of a game animator in India is INR 3 LPA.

VFX Artist

Another alluring job opportunity after 2D and 3D animation training in Rohini is VFX artist. Visual effects or VFX is a popular trend in video content creation nowadays. Many movies and shows are being produced today that use heavy VFX elements. VFX plays a crucial role in enhancing live-action films by using computer effects like stunning visuals, weather effects and explosions. The salary range for a VFX artist can be between INR 0.3 Lakhs and 6 Lakhs.

2D and 3D animation courses have a massive popularity in current times. Today, many Indians as well as international students aspire to pursue their career in animation due to the huge career scope in this flourishing industry. Above, we have discussed some common job prospects after completing a 2D and 3D animation course in Rohini.

2D, 3D Animation & VFX Assignments OR Projects

Adobe After Effects Assignments
  1. Working with 3D Layer
  2. Working with Expressions
  3. Color Grading and Editing
  4. Rotoscoping
Adobe Animate Assignments
  • Tween Animation
  • Stick Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Body Movements
  • Create 2D Games
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Why Choose Pepper Animation Institute?

We are experts in providing certificate, short term, and advanced level diploma courses in Animation & VFX. We think the most important things out of all are good teaching methodology and placement assistance and Pepper Animation Institute is completely committed for the both. Please checkout few important points.


  • We have 10+ years of experience in Animation & VFX Training.
  • Our Industry expert Teachers are passionate to teach.
  • You’ll be more confident every single day than the day before while learning 2D, 3D Animaton & VFX with Pepper Animation.
  • The Latest Curriculum, from Industry Experts.
  • High Engagement, Outcome-Centric Learning.
  • Placement Assistance for everyone.
  • Life time support for queries & placement.


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Pepper Animation Studio

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Our Classroom Sessions

Our Classroom has a very unique approach so that any student can be learning either via a live lesson, pre programmed lesson, independently or being supervised in the classroom.

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Animation Course FAQs

What is Animation and what is its scope

The animation is the method where the figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. There are two ways of animation techniques. There is a traditional method where the images are drawn or painted by hand on a celluloid sheet.

And there is computer animation where the animation is done using the 3D animation. By taking animation as their course, the candidate is open to various job opportunities. It has huge scope in both national and international level.

Who are the instructors for Animation Course?

All the instructors at Pepper Animation are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Pepper Animation for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants of Animation.

What if I have more queries with regards to Animation Course?

Just give us a CALL at 1800 891 3981 (Toll Free) OR email at

What are the different job profiles related to animation?

The candidates can search for these job profiles: Art director, 3D animator, video game designer, comic book artist, medical animator, etc.

Who are the top recruiters in Animation?

Many companies and recruiters look for candidates who are well qualified and talented in the field. The top recruiters of the field are; Acer, Accenture, Adobe systems Pvt. Ltd, Amazon Global Vision, Google Inc., etc.

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