Adobe Animate CC is one of the most used software for creating web designs, games, picture shows, and other content for smartphones.

The demand for Adobe Animate CC experts has grown with the increase of smartphone users in the world.

That is why Pepper Animation has introduced this course for people who can spend hours to create engaging projects integrating video, sound, graphics, and animation, especially for mobile devices. If you have the same passion, then we are inviting you to join us for specialized Adobe Animate CC Training.

Adobe Animate CC Training at Pepper Animation

You will get a chance to meet the highly trained and experienced educators after joining us. The best part of Pepper Animation is that you won’t get the tedious learning experience, and you would get to learn from a bunch of cool people who will teach you the entire curriculum in a limited time frame.

The interactive sessions will not only help you learn better but will make you more comfortable at expressing yourself in front of a group.

What you will learn after competing this course?

• Understanding Animate file types
• Creating and setting up a new document
• Using the Animate work-space
• Accessing Animate tools
• Drawing in Animate
• Using the Shape and Primitive too
• Building artwork with symbol instances
• Creating motion-tweened animation
• Modifying animation with the Motion Editor
• Creating and modifying classic tweens
• Modifying and updating imported artwork
• Importing Illustrator artwork
• Adding sounds to the Timeline and buttons
• Converting video with Adobe Media Encoder
• Adding actions with the Actions panel
• Controlling Movie Clip timelines
• Creating rollovers
• Customizing Publish settings
• Publishing for the Desktop with Adobe AIR
• Publishing for Mobile Devices
• Exporting as a PNG Sequence
• Working with FTP

Career Opportunities

After the successful completion of this course, you will easily get a job as:

• 2D Animator
• 2D Motion Graphics Professional
• Flash Professional
• Adobe Animator Expert etc.

Join Pepper Animation and avail the following benefits:

• Highest Rated Adobe Animate CC Training Institute
• Certified Trainers
• Limited Duration
• Affordable Rates
• Flexible Batch Timings
• Regular/ Weekend Classes

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