Advanced Diploma in Graphic Designing and Motion Graphics

Pepper Animation 1 Year Diploma Course

Fees: 120000 | 85,000
✔ Duration : 1 Year
✔ Placement Assistance
✔ 2 Months Paid Internship
✔ Live Experience in Pepper Animation Studio

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 (1665 ratings)

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About Course

Motion Graphics is the perfect course for those taking a fresh leap into the world of motion graphics, those wanting to sharpen their existing skills, and everyone in between.

Covering the fundamental principles that go into making exceptional motion graphics—concept, design, animation, 3D design, rendering and compositing—this course has been created with professional output in mind.

This course will cover the core processes involved in conceptualizing and executing a motion graphics sequence, using tried and tested industry-standard methods.

Become a Graphic Designer & Motion Graphics Artist

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.

The field is considered a subset of visual communication design, but sometimes the term “Graphic Design” is used synonymous.

Graphic designing is a profession that helps you to draw your imaginations and ideas in a more professional way helpful in attracting an audience.

The need for talented Graphic Designers has increased manifolds with the growing digitalization globally.

Course Content

Design helps us understand the world better, and it’s patterned to allow us to keep up with the times.

You should always be conscious of the latest trends in graphic design, whether you are a designer, developer, or a newbie. This course is a testament to the latest trends in the field of graphic design, this year.


  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Canva
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Animate CC
  • Adobe After Effects Professional CC

Job Profiles

Graphic Designer | Visualizer | Publisher | Photo Editor | DTP Operator | Cartoonist | Illustrator | Artist Advertisement Co. jobs | 3D Modeler | Lighting Artist | Texturing Artist | Rendering Artist | Rigging Artist

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Designing and Motion Graphics Course Modules

Module 1
  • Fundamentals of Computer & internet
  • Introduction to Graphic Designing
  • Vector and Raster Graphics
  • Color & graphics contents
  • Image Formats
  • Basic art & sketching
  • Online Tools and Techniques


  • Setting Up Canva

    • Technical requirements, What is Canva?, Setting up your Canva account
    • Setting up folders for organization, Creating folders.

    Discovering and Editing Templates

    • Finding and editing your templates
    • Changing the colors, Changing images on a template and Changing the text and font
    • Starting and finding your designs
    • Using lines and shapes and Text effects and fonts

    Tools and Features for Using Elements and Images

    • Adding elements into the mix
    • Editing chosen element
    • Adding and editing images
    • Smartmockups
    • Shadows, Frames
    • Changing the background

    Designing Eye-Catching Graphics through Useful Features

    • Grouping elements, Aligning and spacing text, Rulers and margins for print
    • Locking elements, Changing the transparency, Resizing your designs
    • Positioning elements front to back, The Background Remover tool

    Downloading and Sharing Your Designs

    • How to download and share a design
    • Creating clickable links
    • Creating QR code
    • Animated Design

    Printing your Designs

    • Printing templates
    • Flatten PDF, Color Profile
    • Designing multi-page documents for print

Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Interface, Tools, Keyboard Shortcuts and Document Settings
  • Image Retouching and Color Grading
  • Image Selections and Masking
  • Image Manipulation and Special Effects
  • 3D MockUp Designing
  • Filters, Luts, and Actions
  • GIF and Animations
  • UI and Website Layout Designing
  • Social Media Creatives Designing
  • Printing/Publishing Techniques

Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Interface, Tools, Keyboard Shortcuts and Document Settings
  • Professional Illustration
  • Creating 3D Text and Objects
  • Perspective Illustration
  • Vector Portraits and Advance
  • Illustration Isometric Illustrations
  • Typography Techniques Printing/Publishing Techniques

Adobe InDesign CC

  • Introduction to the Workspace
  • Getting to Know InDesign
  • Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages
  • Working with Objects
  • Flowing Text
  • Editing Text
  • Working with Typography
  • Working with Color
  • Working with Styles
  • Importing and Modifying Graphics
  • Creating Tables
  • Working with Transparency
  • Printing and Exporting
  • Creating Adobe PDF Documents with Form Fields
  • Exporting for E-Readers
  • Working with Long Documents

Adobe Lightroom CC

  • Importing images.
  • Synchronizing folders.
  • Basic adjustments.
  • Using the Tone Curve.
  • Reading the histogram.
  • Localized adjustment tools.
  • Applying lens corrections.
  • Reduce high-ISO noise
    Module 2
    • 3D Basics – Modeling to Animation
    • Digital Modeling with Maya
    • Texturing 3D Models with Maya
    • Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya
    • Digital Sculpting
    • Photogrammetry & 3D Printing
    • Working with Arnold Renderer
    • Digital Compositing
    • Motion Graphics in Maya
    • 3D Portfolio
    Module 3
    • VFX Storytelling & 3D Pre-visualization
    • Keying (Green / Blue Screen)
    • Matchmoving
    • Motion Tracking
    • Animation with After Effects
    • Motion Graphics
    • VFX Portfolio
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    Pepper Animation Studio

    Pepper Animation Studio
    Pepper Animation Studio

    Student’s Work

    Students Work

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