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Adobe Photoshop Training in Rohini

Photoshop Course Content

  • Photoshop Intro and Interface
  • Move tool
  • Lesso tool
  • Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool
  • Simple photo collage
  • Adjustments
  • Color Balance
  • Hue and Saturation
  • Dress Color Change effect
  • Crop tool
  • Frame tool
  • Eye Droper Tool
  • Spot healing brush tool
  • Healing brush tool
  • Patch Tool
  • Content Aware tool
  • Red eye tool
  • Image Retouching before after
  • Auto tone
  • Auto color
  • Filter
  • Brush tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • History Brush tool
  • Brushes Backgrounds
  • Define Brush Preset
  • Import or Load Brushes
  • Clone Stamp tool
  • Pattern Stamp Tool
  • Eraser, Background Eraser and Magic Eraser tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Paint Bucket Tool
  • Blur tool, Sharpen tool, smudge tool
  • dodge tool, burn tool, smudge tool
  • Making Selection by pen tool
  • Text tool
  • Path Selection and Direct Selection tool
  • Rectangle and ellipse
  • Shape tool
  • Hand tool
  • Edit tool bar option
  • Foreground and Background color
  • Clipping Mask
  • Layer Panel
  • Layer fx
  • Styles
  • Filters
  • Guasian Blur
  • Automate
  • Apply Brush on Path
  • Key Board Shortcuts
  • Image Menu
  • Layer Masking and Vector Masking
  • Fruit Manipulation
  • Character Panel
  • Typography
  • Select menu
  • Color range
  • Refine edge
  • Border
  • Filter Gallery
  • Lens Correction
  • Liquefy
  • Vanishing Point
  • View menu
  • Action
  • 3d luts
  • Timeline and Animation
  • Image Manipulation
  • Sketch Effect
  • Chocolate Effects
  • Glitch Effect
  • Posters/ Magazine Cover Page
  • Sound Wave Effect
  • Smoke Effect
  • Dispersion Effect
  • Digital Painting
  • Basic Animation & Creating Gif
  • Double Exposure Effect
  • Hollow Effect/slice Effect
  • Some Advance options
  • Project and Presentation

Photoshop Course Features

Job Assistance

We assure our students of Job assistance with the best of the companies in the industry and also prepare our students for the interview.

Paid Internships

We provides 2 months paid internships and if the students perform well they are offered a permanent job.

Live Projects

At Pepper Animation Institute, students will learn to work across different project areas like typography, new technology & digital experiences.

Premium Workshops

Workshops are organized on regular basis related to the courses. You can attend the Workshop in Free of Cost and Learn More.

Portfolio Development

For designers, portfolio is a must! Pepper Animation faculty pays special attention in development of professional industry oriented portfolio.

In House Studio

Every Students of Pepper Animation Institute will work in Pepper Animation Studios, we have In house Studio in Institute.

Photoshop Career Opportunities

After your Photoshop training at Pepper Animation, you can find many job prospects as mentioned:

Graphics Designer

Photo Editor


UI Designer

Graphic Artist

Creative Director

Photoshop Course In Delhi- Get The Best Training

Nowadays, several candidates like to choose photography and graphic design as their career paths. However, to move a career to the front, they have to learn about Photoshop. That is why they can sign up for the Photoshop course in Delhi

You will gain editing capabilities by learning the use of the Adobe Photoshop software. A reputable Photoshop training institute will make you familiar with the Photoshop interface and its features. You can deal with the latest Photoshop version CS4.

Eligibility criteria of the candidates

To join the Photoshop training in Delhi, you must have the basic knowledge of operating a computer. Moreover, you need to understand the use of standard menus and mouse.

What does the course curriculum include?

Basics of Photoshop

  • How to use tools of Adobe Photoshop
  • Color sampling
  • Undoing actions

Major image corrections

  • A retouching strategy
  • Image size and image resolution
  • File opening with Adobe Bridge
  • Image cropping, sharpening and straightening
  • Color adjustment
  • The use of Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Repairing some parts with the Clone Stamp tool

Basics of the layer

  • The use of layers panel
  • Rearrangement of layers
  • Application of gradient to layers
  • Application of a layer style
  • Update layer effects
  • Add border

Different selections

  • Selection tools
  • Quick Selection tool
  • Manipulation of selections
  • The use of Magic Wand tools
  • Rotation of selection
  • Magnetic Lasso tool
  • Copying and resizing a selection 


  • Creation of the rounded rectangle
  • Designing a type on the path
  • Clipping masks

Vector drawing

  • Vector graphics and bitmap images
  • The use of the Pen tool
  • Defined custom shapes
  • Smart Object
  • Adding depth and color to the shape 

Advanced Photoshop courses also include video editing techniques. Moreover, you will learn the way of adding audios.

What you can do with your Photoshop skills

  • Web design

Several web design tools are available for designers. However, the most versatile one is Photoshop. To make your web design project successful, you need to learn about Photoshop. Grid systems, customized defaults, custom document presets, crisp vectors, dotted lines, color filling, and several other options are relevant to web design. Moreover, you can create logos with your Photoshop skills.

  • Restore old photos

Old photos are beautiful. However, they can fade in due course. Tools like the patch tools, healing brush, clone stamps, and sharpening tools refresh and recreate photos. You may also need to edit photos for your personal purposes.

  • T-shirt design

Photoshop is the best software to create designs for custom T-shirts. These skills are essential for creating promotional products.

  • Future career with Photoshop

With your Photoshop skills, you can create posters and business cards. Moreover, some companies look for professionals who have knowledge about this software. Photoshop has a long list of features, and each of them gives you new opportunities.

Find the most reliable Photoshop Training Institute in Delhi. You will get the best training from the professional trainers. You may apply your creativity while editing photos. You can remove the flaws of any photo and restore a perfect look.

why choose ielts first

Why Choose Pepper Animation Institute?

We are experts in providing certificate, short term courses in Photoshop. We think the most important things out of all are good teaching methodology and placement assistance and Pepper Animation Institute is completely committed for the both. Please checkout few important points.


  • We have 10+ years of experience in Photoshop Training.
  • Our Industry expert Teachers are passionate to teach.
  • You’ll be more confident every single day than the day before while learning Photoshop with Pepper Animation.
  • The Latest Curriculum, from Industry Experts.
  • High Engagement, Outcome-Centric Learning.
  • Placement Assistance for everyone.
  • Life time support for queries & placement.

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Our Classroom Sessions

Our Classroom has a very unique approach so that any student can be learning either via a live lesson, pre programmed lesson, independently or being supervised in the classroom.

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