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Also written as VFX, Visual Effects are the digital manipulation by merging more than two live action footages or crafted entirely of computer-generated images. In other words, it is a process of creating imagery through digital computers. VFX require a large number of intricate steps compared to Motion Graphics. Some of the most common uses of VFX include logo removal, sky replacements, and environmental effects, including:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Snow
  • Lightning

Used extensively in making films, visual effects incorporate not only the live-action footage, but also the computer generated imagery for creating a lifelike environment. It is important for you to know that creating Visual Effects (VFX) can consume a lot of time and can cost an arm and a leg. Although they are completed during the post-production stage, the planning takes place at pre-production stage.


High-quality video clips for businesses of today are a very crucial tool for advertising. If you are looking to target the specific audience by showcasing simple and unchallenging work, then motion graphic is the key. It is equivalent to animated graphic design. Some common uses include lower third graphics for interviews, title sequences, and informational art cards.

Motion Graphics are used in:

  • Music video
  • Storytelling
  • Creating template

Motion graphics pieces are comprised of design elements, including typography, composition, shapes, and more. Motion graphics are generally merged with audio, which makes them closer to films than unchanging infographics.

Not only are they about the designs, but about designs in motion as well. You can consider them for raising awareness about your brand or product. In fact, motion graphics are recognized for being one of the most groundbreaking and sophisticated designs in the midst of marketing video clips.

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