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VFX is extensively used in almost every movie produced. Visual Effects (abbreviated to VFX or Visual FX) is the term that’s used for describing any imagery crafted, modified, or augmented for a film or any other moving media, which cannot be achieved during live-action shooting. In other words, most visual effects happen in the post-production stage, after the capture of the key image is complete.

Visual FX can be added to live-action, which is captured through techniques, like matte painting; computer graphic objects, environments, and characters; rear- and front-screen projection; and more.

The recent bang in digital tools that make immaculate digital sets, computer-generated characters, and compositing possible has taken visual effects up a notch. All of these have become a standard part of every image maker’s tool kit.

With the introduction of cost-effective animation and compositing software, visual effects (VFX) using computer-generated imagery has become accessible to those filmmakers who believe in going solo.


Special effects are visual tricks or illusions. In other words, they are generated imagery (digital effects and/or optical effects) used to create animals and/or creatures, lifeless objects, and environments. However, they would be unsafe, time-consuming, unrealistic, pricey, or next to impossible when it comes to capturing on film.

Often abbreviated to FX, SFX, or, SPFX, special effects usually contain practical effects, which are created and employed directly on the set. These effects incorporate animatronics, creature suits, puppetry, prosthetic makeup, and more. Stabbing people, gunshot wounds, and firing blanks are SFX.

Special effects are used in the television, film, video game, theatre, and simulator industries for replicating the fictional events in a story or virtual world. They are traditionally segregated into optical effects and mechanical effects. FX are actually created on the set to for producing realistic situations or surroundings that would not take place unexpectedly.

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