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Web designer and Graphic designer, these two words look like an unrelated group. Indeed, the confusion often happens between them. Usually, a layman always describes graphic designer and web designer as “art designer” because there is a confusion about their profession with the involvement of creative abilities and art skills.

Additionally, they must know about some essential design tools, and they can do the work related to graphic designing or web designing, basing on a confusion about the design industry.

What Exactly is Web Designing ?

Web designing comprises several different disciplines and skills in the maintenance and production of websites. The various areas of web design include interface design; graphic web design; user experience design; search engine optimization; and authoring, including proprietary software and standardized code.

Sometimes, numerous individuals will work in teams meeting different phases of the design process, although a few designers will include them all.

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Web designer enclose multiple web designing techniques and different skills in the formulation of websites and its maintenance. Web designer possess web designing expertise that includes user interface design, standardized codes integration, conceptualization of web graphic designs, user experience, proprietary software designs, and CSS implementations.

A Web designer is a lot more technical in web design services in contrast to a graphic designer in programming and basic coding.


What is the idea of Graphic Design?

Graphic designing is the manner of problem-solving and visual communication by employing one or more of illustration, typography, and photography. The field is known to be a subset of communication design and visual communication, but often the term “graphic design” is utilized synonymous.

A Graphic designer is much more engaged in a website than a Web designer. Graphic Designer is all about the presentation of any project that they create with technological tools or by hand.

Graphic designer visually express and resolve the problem by using different means like visual arts, photography, and pages layout systems to generate visual compositions of the designs. Graphic designer highlight visualization of the theory in their models. Graphic designer always consider art first in the plan.

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They combine or create texts, images, and symbols to produce visual representations of messages and ideas. They visualize a design based on the audience’s outlook and attempts to execute the techniques which convey the required message they would like to impart to their audience.

Several Web designers are Graphic designers who have learned to design for the non-linear nature of the Web. Ideally, they’ll have ample coding knowledge to know what is possible, and have an understanding of User Experience and User Interfaces. A few are familiar with enough code also to be front-end developers.

Web designer may also hail from the tech side and acquire design experience on the job. Some are front-end developers who take a few projects which they obtained through a background in marketing. They appear in countless varieties.

Nowadays, several Graphic designers have some Web experience, but they will design ads, brochures, posters, packaging, t-shirts, logos, and a lot more as well. Others will have a definite sense of the Web, some not so much. A full-time Web designer will concentrate mostly on the Web but may also do similar work such as logos.

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