How starting early as a Graphic Designer Helped me Follow My Passion Properly?

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Movies have misconstrued the concept of recognizing our passion. The clichéd moment where all confusions get clarified, and we understand that this is the plan we have to follow, is experienced by very few people.

Only a fortunate few get that moment of insight, which clarifies in a flash, and all aspects of our lives fall into place. The rest of the less fortunate don’t experience so. In any case, the moment isn’t really a yippee or a hurray moment. It’s rather a long hour of fighting with external and internal hindrances such as self-doubt and furious parents.

Given that, many find their passion for Graphic Designing after two years of pursuing a B.Tech, I wouldn’t entirely blame them for being furious as well. But recognizing it early and acting on it immediately will pay huge dividends in establishing a successful career in Graphic designing.

Graphic Designing and what it implies?

Most often, the term graphic designing brings to mind a guy on a computer clicking away on a bright and colorful screen. This conception might not all be true, but it isn’t far from it. All the frantic mouse-clicking somehow creates colorful logos, illustrations, and art forms that would look very complex at first glance. So what exactly does graphic designing entail? Most people are unaware of the correct answer even though they have come across the term several times in their daily lives.

Graphic Designing is a form of communication through visual media such as photography, typography, motion graphics, illustrations, etc. So as a graphic designer, your job description might entail making logos for small or medium brands or even designing user interfaces for websites and applications. It might also mean making book cover or album cover designs for upcoming authors and artists. The list could well go on for some time, but I am guessing you have got the drill.

How to get started with your passion?

  1. Passion is mandatory 

As clichéd as it may sound, one cannot hope to build, let alone sustain a career in any profession without nurturing considerable passion in the field. If you want to begin a career in graphic designing, you have to have a passion for graphics. To begin with, Doodling, going through magazine layouts and following their designs, playing around with colors and patterns, etc., are signs that you harvest a passion for art and beauty, which is necessary to synthesize a career in designing graphics. Moreover, this passion will help you clear out all confusion and roadblocks and start your journey early on.

  1. Collect ample references

Your passion for design could naturally incline you towards spending more and more time constructing a reference library. You will begin spending more time studying various designs you come across every day. This will help in improving your understanding as a designer and sharpening your skills. You can go on to create a secret collation of your own preferred artwork, which you can study further and analyze to create newer ones.

  1. Master a few design apps

Thinking creatively will not suffice in making you succeed as a graphic designer. You need computer skills as well, especially in the design applications that are relevant. Graphic designers have to work on a number of designing applications based on their design requirements. Getting associated with a few of them is very important if you want to proceed further. Be careful of choosing multiple applications and trying to master them all at once. It could turn out to be exhausting and demotivating.

Starting early on your path to best graphic design courses gives you ample time to choose one application and master its nuances at a time. Start with the Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and then move on to the complicated ones.

  1. Build a strong portfolio

Once you have acquired a taste and ability to recognize projects you want to be involved in, start building a portfolio out of them. If logos are your forte, start your portfolio by doing more design projects. If publications attract you more, go for more editorial layouts. If you want to involve yourself in a variety of projects, then that’s okay as well, as long as your portfolio gets enhanced.

Unless you get involved in design works yourself, you won’t be able to build a strong portfolio in graphic designing. Browse through the various crowdsourced websites, which will help you work on multiple client projects. The aim is to strengthen your design skills.

How starting early can help?

  1. Acquiring adequate skills comes easily

Graphical designing requires us to acquire a few technical skills, especially associated with computer applications. These skills might become harder to master at an advanced age. It might not be the same in all cases, but one thing is for sure that starting early provides you an empty slate where you can put together all the necessary designing skills and master them one by one.

  1. Ample time

This logic stands or any other profession as well. Knowing your passion early and starting out on its path provides you an added advantage of time. It is arguably the most vital advantage one can get while following their passion. More time means you have more chances at achieving specific goals, more time to focus on newer skills, and acquire them. Freshers always have the most scope to learn things beneficial to their objectives. When you start to learn graphic design online early, you have time on your side.

  1. Pursuing Graphic designing courses

Learning the aesthetics of graphic designing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Learning the craft from Graphic Design Training institutes offering courses might be a great idea for beginners. Presently we have a plethora of Graphic Design Training institutes and schools offering courses on graphic designing on all levels. Organizations such as Pepper Animation offer one of the best graphic design courses that would prove to be very beneficial for youngsters trying to grasp the aspects of the field.

  1. Looking for work

As you acquire the necessary technical and creative skills, it is important that you get sufficient scope at work to utilize those skills to good effect. The modern market requires graphic designing in almost every sector, and hence looking for jobs as a fresher won’t really be so challenging as the financial requirement will be relatively lower and easily negotiable. That’s one of the benefits of starting early as a graphic designer, as getting work won’t become much of a hurdle in such cases.

  1. Avoiding complacency

As we age, we start getting complacent more and more frequently, which can have no good effect on our careers. Starting early devoid us of such chances of complacency we might incur in our career as a graphic designer.


Graphic Designing is one of the most sought-after jobs of the modern-day market, and if you are fortunate enough to harness a passion for it, you must be eager enough to act on it immediately. One can also start to learn graphic design online or go for any renowned Graphic Design Training Institute and opt for the best Graphic Design Course. The sooner you recognize your passion and start work on it, the more you enable yourself to materialize your dreams and achieve success in it.

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